In the ever-evolving realm of website design, it's essential to keep pace with the latest trends. However, some fundamental principles remain constant: a successful website must be both user-friendly and visually appealing. We recently reviewed over 100+ websites in the building, construction and interiors industry to put together this guide on our Top 10 Websites that we think nail both these requirements.

In this guide, we'll take a closer look at what we deem to be some of the most impressive building industry websites of 2023, highlighting what sets them apart from the rest and providing you with inspiration for your own website. Our criteria for assessing the websites was usability, aesthetics, and uniqueness.

Whether you're creating a new website from scratch or revamping an existing one, read on to view inspiration to help take your building industry website to the next level.

Industry: Building Services
Made by: Diego Toda de Oliveira
Visit site, a property management company that leverages technology to create innovative solutions for owners and tenants, has a website that is both aesthetically pleasing and forward-thinking. The site features subtle animations that grab users’ attention without being too distracting.

One design element worth highlighting is the animation on the hero section of the homepage - the building illustration appears to shimmer, and upon closer inspection, you can see this is achieved through the intermittent flashing of letters spelling "AVITA." This elegant detail sets the website apart, demonstrating the importance of achieving uniqueness through animations without overwhelming users.

Gairns Santos Engineering Inc

Industry: Building Services
Made by: Grace Walker
Visit site

This website does an impressive job of presenting a wealth of information and case studies in an engaging and approachable manner. We were impressed with the site’s attention to detail, incorporating subtle animations, tasteful design elements, and good use of white space.

Employing color blocking as a navigational aid, the site guides users to their desired sections, and its unobtrusive animations add engagement without overwhelming. We see this site as a case study in the art of restrained design, ensuring that users can effortlessly and efficiently navigate its content. Keep in mind when designing your site - sometimes less is more!

While some might argue that industries of this nature (structural engineering for industrial clients) traditionally have more conservative websites to resonate with their audience, we believe this site exemplifies a modern approach that still resonates with the target demographic. So if you think your industry is too conservative for a modern website, take a look at this site to glean some inspiration.

Discovery Builders

Industry: Building Services
Made by: Outpost and Alpacka
Visit site

We ranked this website for its ability to infuse the emotion and design aesthetics typically associated with designers and architects into a website for home builders. We particularly enjoyed how the emotive copywriting was paired perfectly with immersive interactions.

While the site’s interactions may be subtle like others we find in this industry, they seamlessly integrate into the dreamy and inspirational vibes of the site, which immerses visitors in the dream of building a new home. The inclusion of the spinning globe map feature was superb, and despite the site's numerous immersive elements, the designers importantly kept the remainder of the site fairly simple, striking a crucial balance in its overall design.

When relating this site back to your design, you can think of how to incorporate emotive copy with engaging animations, and also remember if you are going to go for immersive elements of your site, keep the rest of the site simple.

Builder 100

Industry: Building Industry Events
Made by: Ramotion
Visit site

We loved the look and feel of this site. The bold colour sets the tone for an innovative experience, and the further use of white space and imagery keeps the site fresh and easy to navigate. Simple animations and interactions keep users from being overwhelmed, and unique layouts throughout the site make the experience of browsing the site novel. This website is a great example of straightforward, modern and clean web design for this industry.


Industry: Interiors
Made by: ED Studio
Visit site

This pristine website serves as an ideal canvas for showcasing the work and team behind multi-disciplinary design studio SJB. The strategic use of a grid layout in the web design harkens to the endless creative possibilities that emerge when various components are seamlessly integrated. Subtle animations dance along expansive imagery and video, resulting in a seamless and engaging browsing experience.


Industry: Environmental Monitoring and Protection
Made by: Digital Butlers
Visit site

While this site may not strictly belong to the building industry, it has an array of exceptional interactions and design elements that we believe warrant its inclusion in this guide. It serves as a testament to the limitless possibilities attainable through industry-leading website builders, like Webflow. As users scroll through the site, they encounter a mesmerizing sequence of animations and interactions. We particularly liked the custom cursor resembling a vibrant red flame, which adds an engaging touch. We were also impressed by the custom button interactions and immersive scrolling experiences.

For those seeking to project their brand as cutting-edge and forward-thinking, this website serves as an inspiring example to draw from.


Industry: Building Services
Made by: Made Studio
Visit site

Starting with intentional use of colour and playful animated designs, this website for portable cabin manufacturer Homewerk presents a strikingly distinctive layout that expertly guides users in selecting their ideal cabin design. While the site's unique design might initially surprise visitors, its intentionality soon becomes evident, embodying a brand that emphasizes design and meticulous detail.

This site serves as a compelling example of how to craft a website that harmonizes with your brand's personality. When contemplating your own website's design, envision the emotions you wish to stir within users as they navigate it. Envision the hues and interactions you want them to experience. Maintain this vision at the forefront of your design process to create a website that resonates with your audience and brand persona.

Found Landscapes

Industry: Landscape Design and Construction
Built by: One Too
Visit site

The minimal layout of this website gives the feel of an editorial magazine for this landscape design and construction company. With its expansive full-width imagery, unconventional image arrangements, and striking black-and-white typography, the site effectively showcases the stories behind the featured work projects. It stands as a great example of the power of allowing your work to take center stage on your website, letting go of unnecessary complexity in favor of a straightforward showcase.


Industry: Building Services
Built by: Tux Creative House, Michael Garcia, Adrien Vanderpotte and Louis Paquet
Visit site

We were impressed by this website for real estate developer Edifis, filled with various eye-catching design features. Two standout elements are the custom interactive animations and unique layouts. For example, there's a charming custom button animation that resembles a door opening on floorplan drawings when the user hovers over it, showcasing the designers' and developers' keen attention to detail. Additionally, the site incorporates design elements reminiscent of building layouts, and example can be seen in the menu component. This website effectively demonstrates how paying attention to the little things can tell a compelling story about your brand and business.

Material Creative

Industry: Interior Design
Made by: Made Studio
Visit site

Much like their captivating designs, the website for Auckland-based interior design studio Material Creative is an absolute delight to explore. It seamlessly integrates dynamic colours that evolve as users scroll through the pages, harmonizing with the visual portfolio showcasing the designers' work.

The site features an understated grid layout, aligning with the trend we’ve seen in the interior industry that focuses on grid layouts, yet, it does so with subtlety, allowing the vivid palette to take center stage. We see this site as an example of masterful use of colour in web design that sets it in a league of its own.

Bonus: Bright As

Industry: Building Products
Made by: Siterise Creative
Visit site

This site is an example of one of our works. The website features bespoke animations and interactions, solidifying Bright As' position as a cutting-edge player in the New Zealand sustainable energy sector.

We hope that this article has given you some valuable insights and inspiration for your building and construction industry website design. By staying up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques, and taking inspiration from the best examples in the industry, you can create a website that not only looks great but converts.

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